Thanks to the Lenox Library Board,

and The Town of Lenox,

The Lenox Library and Berkshire Botanical Garden

are partnering to offer our second year of.....


Summer Session



TUESDAYS (Rising K-3rd graders) July 9- August 13

THURSDAYS (Rising 4th&5th graders) July 11- August 15 

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Summer session will focus on the care of the garden, successional planting, preparing food, art and sustainability in the garden. Students will engage in sensory lessons that help them to explore the garden space and deepen their connection to it. Both sections will develop a small business with products from the garden and learn about personal/business finance.

This is a 6-week program.

Please be prepared to be outside.


Instructor: Bridgette Stone

Bridgette Stone is the Education Coordinator at Berkshire Botanical Garden and works with schools across Berkshire County helping them to develop, maintain, and love their gardens.

She is excited to work with the Lenox Library to expand its garden program. Over the last 10 years, she has worked as a classroom teacher and farmer. In addition to her work with Berkshire Botanical Garden, she is a member of the Mass Farm to School Leadership Team and manages the Great Barrington, Farmers Market. She lives in Richmond with her wife, two dogs, bees, chickens, and a cat named Sausage.

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